Want Love?

今日は仕事から歩いて帰りながらMcNally Jacksonに立ち寄る。お金を使ってはいけないと思いつつ、何も買わないならいいよね。といいわけしながら。そして見つけてしまったLove Want! 写真はもちろんのこと、サイズ、ちょっと厚い紙質、全部よかった。モデルの顔ぶれとクレジット的にオーストラリアかな?Tumblrだけでも充分楽しめるのでぜひ。

On the way home after work, I failed to resist the temptation of McNally Jackson bookstore. I like to walk in there but hate it at the same time when I don't have enough money to spend in wallet... Of course, I walked out with something. Besides the great images, LOVE WANT mag #5 is perfect size and using the thick papers which I love.  I believe it's Australian Mag? I think that place has some magic. You can peek their Tumblr, it's super fun.

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