can I ? : Miroslava Duma

OK, I've been aware of this adorable baby-face miniature lady many years ago, but this is too cute! Miroslava Duma is revealing her daily ( who dress that well in daily basis?) wardrobes, and she is just so pretty. I wish I own her mini-dress galore, crazy shoe collection, and tiny little faces... Most editors in the world have model-like bodies, but she knows what she good on her short body! 


Miroslava Dumaはファッションショーの時期になるといつもスナップされていて前から可愛いなぁとは思っていたけど、このポストは、、、キュートすぎます。毎日のワードローブを公開してるんですが、ミニドレスやシューズコレクション、自分の体とキャラをよく理解して似合うものがわかっている。似合うものと好きなものが一緒なのは最高の幸せだ。



I have two women inside of me. It's been like that in all of my life. One is dreaming about the women in chiffon dress with stiletto, long hear and perfume, and whenever I stepped out of the car, the edge of the skirt floats in the breeze. On the other side of the brain, I wear the damaged sweater shirts, sweaty denim shorts and beaten converse or vans, and walk like don't give a shit for anything. It's hard to live with bipolar, but it's been a fun ride at the same time. For now, I am in the right side... In the 5 years later, I might be on the left side, with Christopher Kane dress with Louboutin heels. Hopefully I can cross the line easily back and forth whenever I feel like it.